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Love compels us, even when that means journeying across an ocean to a destitute nation in West Africa. When we reach Ghana, we are immediately confronted by the very face of life’s harshest realities, realisms those people embrace every day. But we have found abundant joy also, especially when witnessing the children who now enjoy a better life because of our work.

We serve to relieve the inexplicable suffering they consider commonplace. Yet Ghana sustains a force that, in spite of poverty and misfortune, holds each person as a friend, sister, or brother. It is this strength that binds the people together and positively impacts the culture. Every time we visit, we see deeper into the precious lives of a blessed people. And so we are always greatly blessed by them too.

Midian Education Support
Good education comes at a price. This is often a price Ghanaians are unable to pay. Education is a valued, precious privilege in their culture, and the children are eager to attend school and study the material.

Partnering with local Ghanaians, we founded Midian Education Support, a scholarship program for orphans and children from families unable to afford the school fees. This outreach provides opportunities by paying for tuition, uniforms, shoes, the necessary school supplies, lunch every school day, and a solar powered light to study at night. Midian Education Support is currently sponsoring over 25 children in Ghana. These children often come from extraordinarily difficult circumstances. Many have lost parents. Others are abandoned. Some are deaf. Our goal is to help these children overcome obstacles preventing them from receiving an education.

An entire year of sponsorship for a child to receive a complete education and everything needed to be successful in school is $35 per month or $420 per year. We are especially proud to be able to offer sponsorship opportunities to send our orphanage children who are deaf to school to receive an education in proper sign language, reading, writing, math, and vocational skills training! These children, who are shunned by their society because of their disability, now have given the opportunity to learn and have hope for the very first time that they can do something meaningful with their lives. Sponsorship for a child who is deaf is $59 per month or $708 per year.

Orphan Care
In Ghana, Malaria is the leading cause of death in children under the age of 5. Every thirty seconds this disease that can be treated in Africa for the equivalent of $2 is responsible for taking the life of an African child. Jarring and surreal? We think so too.

We are committed to fighting malaria by donating life-saving medication, mosquito nets, and repairing and replacing orphanage screens to protect the children from these dangerous mosquitoes. On each mission trip to Ghana, we personally visit the local pharmacy and purchase a wide range of medication to treat the many conditions that affect the children. Additionally, we provide much-needed supplies for the babies at the orphanage, especially formula.

Through our Eggs for Kids feeding program we give the orphanage children a more nutritious diet by providing a sustainable source of protein (eggs) to them each day. The orphanage staff has shared that the children dance, sing, and cheer each week the eggs are delivered to show their happiness and pure joy to eat more than simply rice. We also visit the local Ghanaian markets and purchase a variety of healthy food which we deliver directly to the orphanage.

Keeping Families Together
We believe the love and care of a family is irreplaceable. Through our Fred Hollenberg Family Support Program, we partner with needy families to provide food, education, and housing assistance so that they are able to care for their children instead of poverty forcing them to send their children to live in orphanages.

Water for Life
In 2016, we drilled a manual pump well to provide clean water to the 1,500 babies, children, and adults living in a rural Ghanaian village to give the gift of health and hope! We continue to support this community through providing the medication to de-worm intestinal parasites, teach about the importance of hygiene through handwashing education, soap distribution, and proper wound care, as well as purchase health insurance giving people access to the local clinic when they are sick.

We could not do this life-changing work without YOU.

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