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Power of One Award

Ways To Give

Give a Child the Opportunity to Receive an Education

Your tax-deductible contribution of $35/month will send a child to school as well as provide:

* school supplies
* backpack
* books
* two school uniforms
* pair of shoes
* lunch every school day
* solar-powered light for studying at night

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"
- Nelson Mandela

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An education has the power to change a child's future.

Subscription Amounts

Eggs for Kids Feeding Program

Help struggling families by giving them eggs to eat every day through our Eggs for Kids Feeding Program. Each crate holds 30 eggs. Your monthly commitment to provide a nutritious, sustainable source of protein is such an incredible blessing!

Subscription Options

Give the Orphanage Children an Egg to Eat each Day Through
Buying a Hen

Your tax-deductible contribution will give an orphanage child a more nutritious diet by providing a sustainable source of protein (eggs) to them each day. This initiative will also offer opportunities for the older orphanage children to learn farming skills, responsibility, and a strong work ethic.

With a $50 donation, you can name a hen on the farm and receive a photo of your hen along with information about how it will help change the lives of our orphanage children.

With a $100 donation, you can name a hen on the farm, receive a photo of your hen with information AND have your hen's name written on the Hen House in Ghana along with your name as the donor.

With a $150 donation, you can have all of the above PLUS receive an adorable stuffed animal hen made by incredible Ghanaian women to symbolize your donation that will have a tag attached explaining the project and provide a space for the chosen name. You will be a meaningful part of helping create jobs in Ghana too!

Most rural Ghanaian children live in homes and attend schools that do not have electricity. School children that live in cities with access to electricity often have frequent power outages that can last for days.Without power for lighting, these children have very limited reading and studying times. Enter... the solar powered light. Solar lights have a huge educational impact in once-dark homes. Research shows children with solar lights do an extra hour of study each night, resulting in improvements in school performance, attendance, concentration and motivation!

We are so grateful that Watts of Love has partnered with us to bring solar powered lights to our children in Ghana! Watts of Love is an absolutely amazing global solar lighting nonprofit bringing people the power to raise themselves out of the darkness of poverty. A Better Life for Kids greatly admires the life-changing work they do to empower those in need by building a better future through safe, renewable and life changing solar lighting devices. Please visit their website at www.wattsoflove.org.

What do the children think about their new solar lights?

“The solar powered light allows me to complete my homework assignments, do reading, and study for my exams in the night so I am prepared for school the next morning. With no light I struggled to learn. I am confident now that I can do my work every night using my solar light.”
- Emmanuel

“This solar light is very nice. My village does not have light. It is very difficult to do my studies, especially in the evening. I often fell behind in school when my homework can not be completed. Now I can do my lessons using this light and be successful in my learning.”
- Kwabina

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